Updates & Chronology

WYW begins turning into one long page (all content from other pages will appear on that single page when the conversion is finished): widenyourworld.net

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (page update) - May 25

The Walt Disney Story (page update) - March 24  
The Jungle Cruise (page update) - February 20

WDW Preview Center (page update) - June 8

EPCOT the City (page update) - March 8
WYW Audio Page - January 15

WYW Audio Page - March 31
WYW Glossary & Scan Page (page update) - February 19

Snow White's Scary Adventures - December 30
If You Had Wings (page update) - November 22
The Plaza Pavilion (page update) - July 20
If You Had Wings (page update) - June 5

Sunshine Tree Terrace & Orange Bird (new version) - April 28 
WYW Glossary & Scan Page - March 18
Westward Ho (page update) - February 28
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (page update) - February 23
Horizons - January 28
The United Kingdom Pavilion - January 7

World of Motion - June 30
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (page update) - April 23

The Plaza Swan Boats (page update) - February 21
The Adventureland Veranda (page update) - February 5

Gulf Hospitality House & Town Square Cafe (page update) - January 5

WYW Facebook Page - July 20
Gulf Hospitality House & Town Square Cafe - June 26
The Plaza Pavilion - January 30
Flight To The Moon & Mission To Mars (page update) - January 24 & May 3 

Carousel of Progress - December 20
Treasure Island / Discovery Island (page update) - October 21

The Contemporary Resort Hotel - October 17
Adventureland (page update) - September 5
The Asian Resort (page update) - July 24
The Walt Disney World Preview Center (page update) - July 21
The Magic Kingdom (page update) - June 27
Westward Ho (page update) - June 13
The Caribbean Arcade (page update) - June 8
The Mickey Mouse Revue (page update) - June 3

The Jungle Cruise - May 15

The Fife & Drum (page update) - April 19
If You Had Wings (page update) - March 23

Walt Disney World Village (page added) - December 21
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (page update) - February 15

Communicore (page update) - November 15
The Original Frontierland Railroad Station (page update) - October 16
WYW YouTube channel (created) - October 7

The Haunted Mansion - September 29
The Polynesian Village Resort Hotel (page update) - June 26
The Hall of Presidents (page update) - February 26
WYW's EPCOT Center Index - January 22

WYW's Magic Kingdom Index - December 27
Space Mountain & The Home of Future Living (page overhaul) - December 24
The Walt Disney Story (page overhaul) - November 13
Adventureland (page overhaul) - November 8
The Safari Club Arcade (page overhaul) - November 5

The Wonderful World of Water Ski Show (page overhaul) - October 8
Kitchen Kabaret (page update) - September 22
The Plaza Swan Boats (page overhaul) - September 2
Sunshine Tree Terrace - August 10

Thunder Mesa & the Western River Expedition (page update) - August 1
If You Had Wings (multi-page overhaul) - May 19
Main Street USA (page update) - May 2
WYW marks ten years online with minimal fanfare (balloon release postponed, doves sick) - May

EPCOT - the city (page overhaul) - April 25
Thunder Mesa & the Western River Expedition (page overhaul) - March 15

The Hall of Presidents - December 31
Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes (draft page) - September
Site Overhaul and Guest Relations interface - January through June

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - December

The Mickey Mouse Revue (page overhaul) - June
Topiary Sculptures - January

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (page overhaul) - October
If You Had Wings Poster Concept - October
If You Had Wings 30th Anniversary Excess (archive overhaul) - June

Walt Disney World Preview Center (page update) - June
Fife & Drum Snack Bar (page update) - June

Walt Disney World Publications (update) - October
Adventureland - September
Safari Club (page update) - July
Magic Kingdom Extinctions List (page update) - June
WYW marks five years online with half-scale restaging of the original Frontierland Shooting Gallery.  Two deaths - May

Treasure Island / Discovery Island - May
Flight To The Moon (page update) - May
Westward Ho (page update) - April
Polynesian Village Resort (page expansion) - March
Wonderful World of Water Ski Show (page expansion) - March

Communicore (page expansion) - February
If You Had Wings Music and Sounds (page expansion) - February

January: Updated Plaza Swan Boats page.
February: Updated Mickey Mouse Revue page, added second sound file to
If You Had Wings Music and Sounds page, updated Epcot Extinctions List.
July: Added
Fantasyland Art Festival page.
October: Added Magic Kingdom Extinctions List version 3.
November: Updated Space Mountain page.

February: Expanded Original Frontierland Railroad Station page.
March: Added
Walt Disney World Preview Center page, expanded If You Had Wings pages.
May: Added
If You Had Wings & The WEDway Peoplemover page.
September: Added first .wav file to If You Had Wings Music and Sounds page.
October: Added
Caribbean Arcade page.
December: Added
Fife and Drum Snack Bar page.

January: Added Main Street Picture Gallery page.
February: Added
Walt Disney World Publications page.
March: Added Walt Disney Story page.
August: Added
Westward Ho page.
September: Added Mr. Toad's Wild Ride page.
November: Added
Flight To The Moon page

February: Addition of Original EPCOT page.
March: Addition of
Adventureland Veranda & Communicore pages.
April: Addition of
Safari Club page, addition of Westward Ho and Original Frontierland Railroad Station.
May: Addition of
Epcot Extinctions List page
June: Expansion of
If You Had Wings page into five separate pages, addition of Asian Resort page
July: Addition of
Kitchen Kabaret page
October: Addition of
Polynesian Village Resort page
November: Addition of
Wonderful World of Water Ski Show page

November: Addition of Thunder Mesa & Western River Expedition page.
September: Addition of Magic Kingdom Extinctions List page.
July:  Addition of
Plaza Swan Boats page.
June:  Addition of The Mickey Mouse Revue page.
May: Addition of
Space Mountain's Early Years (featuring RCA's Home of Future Living) page.
May: Widen Your World becomes a website with first version of If You Had Wings page.

Widen Your World begins as printed newsletter.  Four show-stopping issues through September 1995.