These cardstock cutout playsets evolved from other projects reflecting my near-endless interests (and limited abilities) over several decades. Once I figured out a scale, cut out the first pieces and put them side by side, it felt like the format would be good for decorating a shelf in my house and for sharing with other people on a practical basis. They're reasonably easy to cut out, not too expensive to print or mail and fun to design. So after a lot of messing around, I'm finally ready to make and distribute some little worlds.

They are mailed with the 7" x 10" backdrops hand-cut and the other printed pieces ready to be cut out and set in front. They can be set up temporarily, with Scotch tape, or permanently with glue and small blocks. All foreground objects and characters will be created to the same scale and transposable to other sets.

Below is an overview of what's ready to go and what's coming next. They're posted for sale on ebay (links below) at $9 each, which means if someone wants to reorder a set it's not a crazy big deal.  



Set 1 - Mad Frog's Reading Room

What's going on in the study? Old friends are hanging out with some good books and happy to see you (or just suprised).








Set 2 - FutureProbe Parisian Skyline

A 19th-century vision from the mind and pen of Albert Robida with some changes inspired by 1980s Imagineering at its best





Upcoming Set: Citrus Tree & Sunshine Bird


Upcoming Set: Mad Frog's English Tavern


Upcoming Set: Bohemian Bruin Gang Living Room